The start of the storm season


Spring is in the air and normally this would be totally okay with me. It’s starting to warm up again (not that it really gets all that cold in Queensland) and all of the fun outdoor things happen – beach, sun and sand. Today, we saw the start of the “summer” storm season.

You can check out some footage here:

I had heard about the storm and looked out the window at work. “That doesn’t look so bad”, I thought. So I kept working away. Then, my coworker points to the other direction – a think wall of black clouds as far as you can see. Usually there are issues with flooding when it storms and the train lines are suspended. So off I rushed, racing the storm to get home.

Almost at the station, the storm really picks up speed. One more road to cross, when is a steep hill, the rain almost horizontal and water flowing like a stream across the road. The traffic stops. I start hurrying across. A huge gust of wind. Snap. There goes my hardy, little black umbrella that has stood by me for the last few years.

Silver-lining: umbrella shopping. There are so many gorgeous ones out there. Yes! These are a few of my favourites.

She Lion: The Go-Getter Umbrella

She Lion

Let me just say, polka dots are my thing. And I kind of fell in love with this super cute, functional and stylish design. This Australian corporate lawyer turned designer, has some pretty exquisite offerings. Not to mention offers after-pay, where you can pay by instalments. This is also available in a gorgeous snake-skin print.

Fulton Walking Umbrella in Blue Check


While this is a little big to fit in my handbag, it reminds me of a cosy, log cabin in the country. It gives me vision of snuggling up in front of the fire place on a cold night. I think it is pretty cute. Flexible ribs for added strength is also definitely a plus after today!

Oroton Signature O Umbrella


Feminine. Classic. Timeless. This understated beauty is a favourite. And the fact it is so convenient to fit in my handbag. A true essential.

So many choices. Time to stop being so indecisive! What is your favourite?